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Student Protest in Dhaka at Bangladesh; Police fire tear gas on students

Student Protest in Dhaka at Bangladesh; Police fire tear gas on students

Student Protest in Dhaka at Bangladesh: The lack of respect to the rules of traffic in Bangladesh and the protests taking place in the leadership of students against rising road accidents have taken a radical form now. According to the report of ‘Efe’, on Saturday for the seventh consecutive day of protest, students also landed on the roads and obstructed traffic by occupying the main intersection. Dhaka police commissioner Abdullah Hale said, “The situation is very bad in the area. Many teams of the security forces have been deployed to overcome the situation.” So far, the exact number of injured in the skirmish has not been ascertained. On July 29, two youths were crushed by a bus and many others were injured. This is being performed since then. The 17-year-old student, Ridwanul Islam, said, “We want justice after the accident. Until we have a proper decision and we do not have much security on the highways, we will be on the streets.”

Bangladesh’s ‘Awami League Government‘ has made several attempts to stop the protest of students running for a week but the movement is still in progress. The Bangladesh Student Protest is being run by 11-17 age group students who are not influenced by any political party. The ruling party is accusing former Prime Minister Begum Khalil Zia of being behind the movement, but considering the nature of the movement, nobody has raised questions about the motivation of agitating students.

Why Are Students protesting in Dhaka at Bangladesh?

Not only roads in Bangladesh, the public transport system is also a matter of controversy, especially the bus service here. People in Bangladesh are dependent on the mercy of private bus operators, who have no rules for their operations. If the bus driver’s casualties are lost and the people raise their voices against it then the bus operator goes on strike. The government neither interferes nor tries to strengthen the rules.

This student movement of Bangladesh could make it difficult for the ruling party in the coming general elections because on Saturday the incident has given the opposition party an opportunity to question the government. At present, the Bangladeshi leadership is already in crisis, in such a way the student movement is going to increase trouble.


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