Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes Indonesia’s Lombok, 94 dead so far

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes Indonesia’s Lombok, 94 dead so far

An earthquake of 6.9 Magnitude hits Indonesia: The death toll from the earthquake on Sunday in Lombok island of Indonesia has risen to 82, while hundreds were injured in it, many of which have become serious. The intensity of this earthquake was close to seven, causing thousands of buildings to be damaged. The intensity of an earthquake can be estimated from the fact that its shocks were also felt in neighboring island Bali. The center of the earthquake was 10 kilometers below the surface near the northern coast of Lombok. There is a panic in the people due to the earthquake and the electricity of the houses is also lost. The common life has been affected so much that people have to wander in rate to eat food items.

 Earthquake in Indonesia Details

After the earthquake of such an intensity, panic in local residents and tourists got over and thousands of people got out of their homes and hotels and ran away to safer places. In the hospitals, there has been a situation like an emergency emerging from the number of injured. Earthquake shocks were so fast that after this half-hour Lambboque airport was vacated. However, later the situation became normal.

Significantly, in April this year, a similar high-speed earthquake came in. Three earthquakes and more than 300 homes were damaged due to the earthquake that struck Indonesia. The magnitude of the earthquake was 4.4 on the Richter scale. After the earthquake, two weeks of emergency was declared in Indonesia. Indonesia’s weather and geophysics agency had told that the center of the earthquake was 52 kilometers north of Kebuman, a densely populated district of Java province, and it was at a depth of four kilometers.

Sarvo Pramanana, chief of the Disaster Management Agency of Central Java, said that earthquake shocks were felt in many parts of the province. Three people have died due to the earthquake in Indonesia. It includes two people and 13-year-old teens. He told that 21 people injured in the disaster were admitted to the hospital and more than 2,100 people were taken to safer places. In the province, the 14-day emergency relief period has been announced in Indonesia.

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