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FIFA 2018 Match 8 – Germany vs. Mexico Match Preview: Probable XI and Line-Up

FIFA 2018 Match 8 – Germany vs. Mexico Match Preview: Probable XI and Line-Up
Written by Abhishek Lohia

The current champion Germany will compete in the first match of the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup against South American country Mexico on Sunday (June 17) to defend its title. Germany defeated Argentina in the World Cup played in Brazil in 2014 and won the title. Four times winner Germany is also considered to be the strong contender of the title this time too. Germany had won all 10 matches while performing well in the qualifying round. In these matches, he only had 10 goals. He had also named the Confederations Cup last year, but his latest form has not been satisfactory.

Beyond these, Germany is considered to be in the final-4 this time and it is also believed to be the strongest contender for victory against Mexico. Germany beat Mexico 4-1 in the Confederations Cup. About Mexico, this South American team has always entered the last 16 World Cup in its last six World Cups. If Germany wants to beat, then Mexico will have to accelerate its game. The team’s top scorer will be on Xavier Hernandez. The team coach did not open all the cards in friendly matches, so it is difficult to say which strategy he will be on the field.

Germany squad

Goalkeepers: Manuel Noyar, Mark André Ter Stegan, Kevin Trap Defender: Jerome Baantong, Matthias Guinter, Jonas Hector, Matt’s Humilias, Joshua Kimich, Marvin Platanhardt, Antonio Rudiger, Evils Sule Midfielder: Julian Brendt, Julien Drexel, Leon Goretsk, Terai Gundogan, Sami Khedira, Tony Kruse, Meseut Ozill, Sebastian Rudy Striker: Mario Gomez, Thomas Muller, Marco Reus and Tomo Warner.


Guillermo Ochoa, Jesús Corona, Alfredo Talvera, Diego Ras, Hector Moreno, Miguel Lain, Carlos Selcado, Edson Alvarez, Nestor Azaruo, Jesús Galadre, Hugo Ayala, Rafael Macqué, Jonathan Dos Santos, Andres Guadardo, Hector Herrera, Marco Fabian, Xavier Aquino, Jonathan Gonzalez, Jesús Molina, Tacatío Corona, Irving Lojano, Chicerto Hanardez, Raúl Jiménez, Carlo Vella, Xavier Kino, Jurgen Dam and Giovanni dos Santos.

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