Father’s day, Google Doodle celebrates the day with colorful tribute

Father’s day, Google Doodle celebrates the day with colorful tribute
Written by Abhishek Rana

Father’s day is celebrated to honor Father’s of every family, their contribution, and sacrifices for their children. The origins for the celebrations can be traced back to 1908, when a bereaved Grace Golden Clayton, insisted to the pastor of the church, Robert Thomas Webb honor, to honor all the men and fathers who had lost their lives in the Monongah Mining Disaster. And as the years have gone by the day has become an important occasion for children to reconnect with their parents, and spend a day with them, giving them gifts. Google Doodle has today given a tribute to all the father’s in the world, with a colorful set of dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs have been painted with hands, and resemble a family, with the largest one being symbolic of the father, who is in front of the line, and is surely going to protect his children from any harm that comes from the negative sources in the world.

All across the social media, people are celebrating the day by sharing what they gave their father’s, pictures and other precious memories. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan also shared a cute greeting card that was made by his son Aayan for him, he wrote on his twitter account, “Notwithstanding that the kids had no other option & yeah I admit maybe there is just a hint of a bias here…this kinda completes a fathers life.” Actress Sonam Kapoor also wished her father, Anil Kapoor, a Happy Birthday through her twitter account, writing, “Happy Father’s Day to my main man! To have you as a role model has been my greatest gift and I wish I had words to tell you how much I love you daddy.” Anushka Sharma also posted a pic of herself with her father, and captioned with a heart emoji.

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