Mumbai Rail Roko Protest, Students demanding jobs, Block railway tracks

Mumbai Rail Roko Protest, Students demanding jobs, Block railway tracks
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Mumbai students started Protesting against the confusion surrounding by railway recruitment; students stopped trains on Central Railway during the peak hours on Tuesday. The students blocked the rail track at 7 am in the morning and forcing railway to stop the Mumbai Local as well as express train in the affected section between Matunga and CSMT. The Apprentice students, who have worked for many years but have not been recruited yet, are leading these protests. Students are shouting against Government with their slogans,”We want One-time settlement“. The Railway officials say there are more than 3,000 people on the tracks at Matunga.

Central Railway department tweeted this point on the Social media by saying this,”Due to Some agitation between Matunga and Dadar, rail traffic affected between Matunga and CSMT”. There are total 30 trains which have been cancelled on the Central Line due to the protests that have obstructed the tracks between Kurla and Dadar railway stations. A student who was the part of the Protest said,”There has been no recruitment since last four years. We are struggling from pillars to post. Over ten students have committed suicide. We cannot let such things happen,”. To control the students, the police started Lathi charge over the students, and In responding to that, the students threw rocks the local trains.

The Central Railway delivered a statement on the protest and had said, “There is no provision of giving jobs to the apprentices as per the Apprentice Act.” They are given only training of a specified period to improve their skills and experience of having worked in the field.  However, Ministry of Railways has taken a decision and reserved 20 percent of the seats filled through direct recruitment.” The notification is already issued with the last date of applying 31.3.2018. Apprentices can apply against this notification, and Special Examination will shortly be held for Apprentices who have done training in Railway Workshops under Apprentices Act.”

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