Pakhala Dibasa: Odhisha celebrates the day with having the delicious dish

Pakhala Dibasa: Odhisha celebrates the day with having the delicious dish
Written by Abhishek Rana

Today, all the citizens of Odhisha celebrated the Pakhala Divas, by eating the traditional dish of the state, Pakhala. The day is celebrated to promote the Odhisha food, and people make the dish to welcome the spring season. Pakhala mostly consists of rice, and fermented water, and is a popular delicacy in a variety of states across the nation, including Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. And apart from being a very delicious food, it is also recommended for people to avoid heat stroke during the height of summer. Roasted vegetables are also serves alongside Pakhala, like potato, brinjal, and fried fish.

To cook Pakhala, you have to prepare normal rice and let it cool for some time. Then, take a bowl of water and add the rice in it, and then, on a pan, heat a little oil and other ingredients like, mustard leaves and add salt to make the dish more spicy and tasteful.

The, you can add the tadka to the prepared rice, which is going to enhance its taste for you. People also use fried fish,  saga bhaja, badi chura and other slightly different things to make the dish pop out more and taste different than in the usual way it is made. Pakhala Dibasa began trending in the morning on Twitter, as people shared the beautiful photographs of Pakhala that they had prepared for the day.


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