Mumbai Railway Apprenticeship quota: Affected by Students

Mumbai Railway Apprenticeship quota: Affected by Students
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Mumbai Railway lines are hit badly at the peak hours of the day. Around 500 agitators had blocked the railway lines. The demands of the people who had completed apprenticeship are that they want permanent jobs after the completion of their apprenticeship. All India Act Apprentice Association claimed that the students will not be given permanent news after the completion of the apprentice. Students are on strike on the railway lines. All the local and the express trains are highly affected. Many students have been working for years and are still not recruited. This has arouse anger in workers and people are on protest so that their demands are met.

The students want the removal of 20% for the hiring of candidates of the upper limit. Students who have cleared the Railway act apprentice exam for Railway jobs, are demanding that the quota should be filled by only students who have passed the test. Approximately 10 students have committed suicide and the demands of the students are yet not met. The mumbai police even did lathi charge to stop the students from the protest. The railway lines were affected from 7 am in the morning. The students want to have a conversation with the railway minister.

The students who have worked for many years and are still not recruited want their recruitment. They want permanent jobs. The protest started in the peak hours of the day and it is just finished. People just want their demands to be fulfilled so that they are recruited. The Central Railway had never confirmed that the students who are doing Apprenticeship will be given jobs later. Apprenticeship is a time of training and in this the skills of the students are enhanced and it is just a training period. No confirmation was given to the students that they will be provided with jobs.

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