Max Hospital: Officials wrongly declare a new born baby dead

Max Hospital: Officials wrongly declare a new born baby dead

In a case of shocking negligence by the doctor of Max Hospital, a pair of twin new born babies were declared dead and given to the parents in a packet, who later discovered that one of them was alive. Max Hospital, which is situated in Shalimarg Bagh, Delhi has now being criticzed for its negligence toward the infants. According to the reports, the mother of the twins was told that she had given birth to a still born infant and another baby who was in need of critical care. Later on, the baby was also declared dead. The parents were handed the twins in a plastic bag and told to bury them, but as the grandfather of the children was proceeding to the graveyard, he noticed a rustling in one of the packet and realized to his horrifying relief that one child was alive.

The child was then rushed to a nearby hospital in Kashmere Gate, and is recovering there. The doctor in charge of the case has been sent on leave and a detailed inquiry has been initiated to look further into the matter.

The twins were born 22 week prematurely, and were frail, but whatever reason was given by the doctor to announce the death of a live baby, it should still be investigating and such horrifying scenarios should be avoided in future.

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