Kolkata: School Teacher sexually assaults 4 year old female student

Kolkata: School Teacher sexually assaults 4 year old female student

A 4 year old female student was sexually assaulted by her PT teacher at a school, GD Birla Centre for Education in Kolkata. The girl has now been hospitalized. She went to her home and told her parents that the PT teacher had taken her to the washroom and touched her private parts. She has returned to her home, crying and complaining about pain in stomach. People have begun a protest against the perpetrator of the assault and the administration of the school. The school’s principal has however assured that they will be providing highest security and needs to the afflicted child, and it is their top priority.

The parents of the girl had noticed blood stains on the child, and when taken to the hospital, the doctors indicated that she might have been sexually assaulted recently. They have already lodged an FIR against the PTA teacher, but he seems to have run away from the authorities. The police are looking for him now.

The sexual assault on the child is another incident of children being attacked in their school premises, like Pradyuman from Haryana, who was murdered by a eleventh class student.

The female student has been hospitalized and is being looked over by doctors and other officials.

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