Know about the Importance of Thanksgiving Day for Americans

Know about the Importance of Thanksgiving Day for Americans

Thanksgiving Day is considered an Important date in American calendar and in Other parts of the globe too. In America, Thanksgiving day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, so this year Its falling on Thursday 23rd November. Apart from the USA, it is celebrated in – Canada, Puerto Rico, Grenada, and Liberia do so too. This tradition has continued for hundreds of years since and is celebrated and enjoyed with lots of delicious food and wine with family members. A typical Thanksgiving menu consists of roasted sweet potato, turkey casserole, and winter vegetables.

The story behind this special day is in 1620 pilgrims reached America and settled in an area and they named it Plymouth south of Boston today. And unfortunately for the migrants’ winters turned harsh, and the rations were tight and times were hard. When spring came the Pilgrims decide to plant and grow their own crops and they were helped by a Native American named Squanto.

Squanto also taught them how to fish and hunt as well as showing them to how to plant pumpkins, squash, and corn. With the help and guidance from Squanto, they were able to store up enough food for themselves and well equipped to face harsh winters.

The grateful pilgrims invited the Native Americans and give them huge harvest feast which has since become known as Thanksgiving.

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