Padmavati cleared by British censor board, fear of piracy delays movie release date

Padmavati cleared by British censor board, fear of piracy delays movie release date

Padmavati, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and starring Deepika Padukone has been cleared by the Bristish Censor board, with a 12A certificate and without any cuts for its 2 hours 44 minutes run-time. Sources close to the movie have said that it is not going to be released overseas until the Indian censor board, CBFC clears it for release in the country. The decision to stall the release of the movie has been taken because of the fear of piracy and illegal download.

Since the movie has become an International matter of interest it is probable that people would like to see it, especially because of the alleged distortion of facts that have been committed to the movie.

Padmavati has been banned in four states till now, even though the chief ministers of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat haven’t watched it yet, and do not know that the movie contains any historical distortions. The decision is taken due to pressure from the violent fringe group Karni Sena and elections and to placate the people who are angry.

There is no definite release date for the movie, and Supereme Court has already agreed to hear a plea asking for the Ban of movie overseas, which, it seems is unlikely to happen because it is being distributed by Paramount, an international company that has no ties to any Indian establishments.

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