JioPhone 2 launched, priced at Rs 2,999, supports YouTube and Whatsapp

JioPhone 2 launched, priced at Rs 2,999, supports YouTube and Whatsapp

Mukesh Ambani, the leader of Reliance Industries, today spoke at the company’s 41st annual general meeting (AGM) at Birla Matushri Sabhagar in Mumbai. He also made quite a few big announcement at the gathering, regarding Jio Internet, which has stormed the markets and triumphed over any other network services because of its cheap and efficient flow of internet to the consumers. It was introduced to the Indian audiences in 2016, and has steadily grown to conquer the market. Isha Ambani, his daughter, and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, launched one of the most innovative initiative of the company, the Jiophone 2 for the users in the country.

Jiophone is rated at Rs 2,999, which is a meager price for anyone in this age of phones costing over twenty thousand. And it isn’t like the usual standard model, but is going to be equipped with YouTube, Facebook, and most importantly, Whatsapp, which has become a necessity for many people in India to communicate with their friends, relatives and colleagues. It has an operating system of: KaiOS, same as JioPhone. Jiophone 2 is able to hold a memory 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM, and has a memory card for expandable storage up to 1284 GB. The Phone, as mentioned before, supports FM, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and NFC, with YouTube, and WhatsApp applications.

The new product is surely going to be have people clamoring over it, as it is cheap and boasts some features that are same as the more costlier products. It is important to note, that when consumers get the product in lesser value, they’re more likely to try it, even if to just check its services because it is priced so low, there’s not much harm in trails.



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