Delhi House of Horror: Burari Death Mystery Full Report , Delhi Police Statement & CCTV footage

Delhi House of Horror: Burari Death Mystery Full Report , Delhi Police Statement & CCTV footage

The alleged mass suicide of the family in Burari, North Delhi, is one of the most shocking incidents of the decade. It has dumbfounded the media, and the investigative officers, as 11 members of a clan hung themselves in horrifying manner that indicated occult rituals. They all had taped their eyes and mouth shut with cloth, and tied their hands and feet. The police found handwritten notes, and notebooks that were filled the deluded thoughts of the family son, Lalit. And now, CCTV footage has peeled another layer from the mysterious case, as the video shows Savita, and her daughter, Neetu, holding stools, and taking them inside their house. The bizarre writings in the notebooks (apart from the notes, nine notebooks were found in the house, and hundreds of loose pages.) have now revealed that the family might have been under the belief that they  were not going to die.

The hanging was the ending part of a seven day Thanksgiving ritual, during which they had rehearsed the act by blindfolding themselves, tying their hands and limbs, while also tangling a knot around their necks. On the seventh day, they were supposed to hang themselves, but, according to the notes, family patriarch, Bhopal Singh, who died in 2007 would come and save them, and they’d be gifted superhuman powers. Eleven pipes that had been fixed and faced outside the back of the house are still clouded in confusion over their purpose.

However, the mystery of the clan’s suicide can be traced back to the death of Bhopal Singh, after which darkness entered the family, and Lalit began to say that he was possessed with the soul of his father. He was convinced about his belief that his father talked to him in dreams, and became him. As the family got out of the grief, they also begun to prosper financially, which made other’s believe his stories too. And the family obviously wasn’t in the mood of mutual annihilation, because, as the evidence shows, the last words of the diary were that “keep water in the cup, and when it turns blue, I will come and save you”. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and all the family died by hanging themselves.

The dead include, 77-year-old Narayan Devi,Bhavnesh (50) and Lalit (45),  Savita (48) and Tina (42) Pratibha (57) and five grandchildren who were aged, Priyanka (33), Neetu (25), Monu (23), Dhruv and Shivam.

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