Jharkhand, Latehar: Five Naxals killed in encounter with security forces

Jharkhand, Latehar: Five Naxals killed in encounter with security forces

The security forces neutralized five Naxals in Jharkhand, Latehar, during an enocunter. The encounter took place at the Serendaag jungle in Latehar. The forces were also able to excavate arms and ammunition from the site of the encounter, which is considered a big success for the security team. The encounter was committed as Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das is arriving at the Betla wild life sanctuary with the aim of a review meeting, Border Area Development plans,  and an over all plans concerned with the Budha Pahar area. The police have stated that some Naxals who have been killed in the encounter were senior officials from the groups.

The forces that carried out the encounter were from Jharkhand Jaguar, district police, CRPF and CoBRA battalions. The identities of the naxals are still being established by the authorities. Some Naxals fled the scene as the violence erupted, and the forces gave them chase. They have already launched a combing mission, which is likely to result in more success this time.

Among the confiscated ammunition, there’s Three AK-47 rifles, one INSAS rifle and one .315-bore rifle. This success is another example that the forces are finally taking over the naxal groups and could be able to control the situation. This year alone, 15 operative of the Naxal groups have been neutralized by the forces, this has resulted in the notorious forces being pushed further as they try to flee the authorities.

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