World Health Day 2018: Theme and Reason for celebration

World Health Day 2018: Theme and Reason for celebration

World Health Day is celebrated in all the countries around the globe. This day usually falls on April 7, and it marks huge importance as it makes people aware of the benefits of keeping a healthy body. The theme of World Health Day is Universal health coverage for everyone and everywhere. The slogan of World Health Day is “Health for All”. It mainly focuses on maintaining the health and in providing all the medical assistance related to well being of a person. This day is a global health awareness day. Many workshops are taken place where people are aware of this day.

World Health Organization first held the World Health Assembly. The Assembly decided to celebrate April 7 of each year as World Health Day. The WHO organises international, regional and local events on this Day related to a particular theme. They create awareness in small rural groups of people to large urban society. This day celebration takes place in government as well as in non-governmental institutions.

The World Health Organization is organising their 70th annual World Health Day this April 7 and it has been dedicated to universal health care of all. The main aim of the Organization is to provide everyone with the access to healthcare services so people don’t have to worry about going into debt paying for them. In the workshops, many doctors and professionals come up with the ideas of creating awareness and by teaching people some healthy tips for maintaining a healthy life. This organisation helps in providing free services to the people who cannot afford money for taking medical help. This day is celebrated to mark a day of good cause.


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