Gujarat day, a day to celebrate the foundation, and formation of the state

Gujarat day, a day to celebrate the foundation, and formation of the state

Gujarat is one of the largest states of India, and Gujarat foundation day is seen as the formation of the state, as it and Maharashtra were separated from the state of Bombay. Bombay, after independence, consisted of a various regions where people still spoke Gujarati and Marathi languages, but the Gujarati speakers demanded that they be given a separate state, since the 1956 had grouped Maharashtra with Gujarat. The movement to the create a separate state was called Mahagujarat, and had existed since before the partition of India. The movement also involved Sindh, but it went to Pakistan post partition. On May 1960, governed under the Bombay Reorganisation Act of 1960, Maharashtra and Gujarat were given separate titles of states, thus, making this day, Maharashtra day as well.

Gujarat day is celebrated with pomp by the state, with a parade that is organized at Shivaji Park, Dadar and includes people from reserve police force, BMC force, home guards, Mumbai Police, traffic police, firefighters civil defense members. It is a day to acknowledge the achievements of the state, and how far it has come from and all the steps that are being taken for its development even further.

All Schools and Colleges are closed for the day, and even offices, stock markets and bank observe a free day too. Flags are hoisted across the state, in various districts, and cultural programs are also held around region.

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