Google doodle marks Rukhmabai’s 153rd birth anniversary today

Google doodle marks Rukhmabai’s 153rd birth anniversary today
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Today, Google doodle marks 153rd birth anniversary of Rukhmabai the first Indian woman doctor. She was born on 22 November 1864 who became first Indian woman practising as women doctors in colonial India. Illustrator Shreya Gupta depicts Rukhmabai in google doodle where courageous doctor stands among her patients. And the Google’s blog post on its doodles says she is doing the dedicated work of a skilled physician. Rukhmabai was the only daughter of Janardhan Pandurang and Jayantibai. And at the age of eight years, she lost her father then later on her mother get married to an eminent physician and the founding member of Bombay Natural History Society.

Rukhmabai was a woman of modern India who asserts their rights of consent. At 11 age she got married to Dadaji Bhikaji and later on, she refused to recognise her marriage. She did not live with her husband but stayed at her parent’s house in the years following her marriage. And followed her stepfather footsteps to educate herself.

However, she continued to live in the house of her parents. In 1888, Rukhmabai legally separated from her husband and moved to England to study medicine. Se completed her education in the London School of Medicine for Women. Then returned to India for practising as a woman doctor. And on September 25, 1955, she passed away.

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