WWE smackdown result: Lumberjack Match event winners and losers

WWE smackdown result: Lumberjack Match event winners and losers
Written by Abhishek Rana

Lumberjack Match, The New Day vs. Sami Zyan: In the beginning, Owns and Big E took the charge from their respective teams, and Big E teased him with a slight hip dance. KO, then kicked him hard, put him in a headlock. But then Kofi was tagged in, and did a double stomp; Kingston was then thrown out of the ring. Sami got tagged in and threw Kofi out. Then, Sami tried to run up to the ramp, but is dragged in the ring by others. Then, we saw that Owen has been beaten down to the end of the ring by The New Day.

Zyan was able to win the match, when the Lumberjacks invaded the rings and began to fight.

Women’s Title, Charlotte versus Natalya: The match was agressive, and Charlotte was able to get the first takedown. Charlotte was able to hit hard and fast, ramming elbows to the side of Natalya. But Natalya wasn’t going to be defeated so easily, and she lifted her up and planted a powerbomb on her. There was more struggle, as Natalya was thrown out of the ring, and was beaten by Logan, Riot and Morgan. The Winner, of course was Charlotte.

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