Bigg Boss 11 Episode Update: Arshi and Hiten have a divorce

Bigg Boss 11 Episode Update: Arshi and Hiten have a divorce
Written by Abhishek Rana

Bigg Boss had an entertaining task for the contestant tonight, in which they have to pretend that Arshi and Hiten are husband and wife and they are having a divorce. The jury consists of Sapna and Bandgi and the lawyers are Hina, from Hiten’s side, and Vikas from Arshi’s side. Both of the parties have to make up stories and present their case with the family members, and the jury will decide to give the divorce or not. The task begins with Hina presenting a case against Arshi, in which she says that Arshi has a negative and bad character and is always flirting with other men.

Hina then presents her first witness, Priyank, who tells everyone that Arshi is always touching him and flirting with him. But Arshi disagree with him.

The task then escalates to a fight when people start making personal accusations on Arshi, and she retailiates by screaming at them. Aakash is brought in the witness stand, because the the relatives of Arshi feel that it is because of his buffoonery that she and Hiten are having a divorce.

The tasks slowly begins to go sour, as more personal accusations are leveled against Arshi, especially at her character, which results in her screaming and telling everyone that if she is attacked, she’s going to bite back again.

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