Dawood Ibrahim’s properties to be sezied by the government

Dawood Ibrahim’s properties to be sezied by the government

Dawood Ibrahim’s properties are going to be seized by the government. The Supreme Court has dismissed the petitions by Sister Haseena Parker and mother Amina Bi Kaskar. The most wanted terrorist, has properties in Nagpada region, but his sister and mother, who are now deceased, had taken it under their supervision. The properties had been sealed by the government back in 1988, based on the law that the properties of smugglers, criminals, and foreign exchange manipulators and their close ones are going to be taken over by the authorities. Amina Kaskar and Hasina Parkar demanded the reversal of the orders, which were put into motion after the occurrence of 1993 Mumbai blasts.

Dawood had absconded to foreign countries by then, and the authorities stepped in to seal the properties. Amina and Hasina were unable to provide any kind of proof that the earnings and the properties had a legal source, thus, they couldn’t take back the properties.

Both of them had properties to their names, with five being in Hasina’s possession while Amina had two houses to her name as well. However, these were acquired by the illegal sources, and couldn’t be validated from the court, thus, they remain in the government’s possession as a rule of law.


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