Naroda Patiya riot case, BJP leader Maya Kodnani acquitted

Naroda Patiya riot case, BJP leader Maya Kodnani acquitted

The Gujarat High Court today acquitted Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Maya Kodnani, in relation to the Naroda Patiya riot case. Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangi, however has been found guilty of conspiring the riots. Ganpat and Haresh Chhara were also acquitted from the case. Naroda Patiya riots, which took place in 2002 Feburary 27, caused the death of ninety seven people who belonged to the Muslim community. Justices Harsha Devani and AS Supehiya who chaired the bench, had previously, reserved the order last, after the hearing finished in 11 appeal petitions which also involved four by the Supreme Court appointed-Special Investigation Team (SIT).

Earlier, 32 people had been sentenced to life imprisonment by the court in August 2012. Maya Kodnani had been sentenced to 28 years in Jail. Bajrang Dal leader Babubhai Patel who is also known as Babu Bajrangi had been sentenced to life imprisonment till death. A batch of seven others were also given life imprisonment for 21 years, since it is an enhanced sentence, they’re going to serve it after 10 years of life in jail, which is given under the IPC section 326 (causing grievous hurt).

Gujarat High court has now also rejected the appeal from the Naroda Patiya riot victims who are seeking compensation. So out of 32 people who were accused of instigating the riots and violence, the Gujarat High court has acquitted 17, and the conviction of 12 others has been upheld.

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