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2018 Jharkhand Municipal Elections: BJP wins 25 seats, seized all Mayors-Deputy mayors seats in Jharkhand

Jharkhand Nagar Nikay Chunav 2018 witnessed a tight triangular contest between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Congress and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM). Political analysts see the Jharkhand municipal elections as a curtain raiser for the Assembly elections in the state due next year. The outcome would be closely observed as candidates for the post of Mayor and Deputy Mayor fighting on the party symbol. Catch live updates on Jharkhand municipal council elections results here. Total 52.23 per cent voting was recorded on Monday for 16 municipal councils, five municipal corporations aka (Nagar Nigam) and 13 Nagar Panchayats. Municipal council elections were held in Madhupur Nagar Parishad, Gadda Nagar Parishad, Gadva Nagar Parishad, Chatra Nagar Parishad, Sahebganj Nagar Parishad, Chirkunda Nagar Parishad, Fusro Nagar Parishad, Lohardaga Nagar Parishad, Pakud Nagar Parishad, Dumka Nagar Parishad, Mihijam Nagar Parishad, Gumla Nagar Parishad, Simdega Nagar Parishad, Ramgarh Nagar Parishad, Chaibasa Nagar Parishad and Kapali Nagar Parishad.

4:50 PM IST- Position: Mayor – Vinod Srivastava, BJP, 18992 Votes Hare-Yogendra Sharma, Congress, 11042 votes Wins the difference: 7950 votes Post: deputy Mayor  – Amit Singh, BJP, 24359 votes Hare-Manoj Mahato, JMM, 13696 votes The difference of victory: 10663 votes

4:45 PM IST- Kapali Nagar Parishad Post: president Won – Shobarani Mahato, Congress, 4683 Votes Hari-Ayesha Rizvi, JMM, 3278 Votes Winning distance: 1405 (Here the vice-presidential election was cancelled)

4:40 PM IST- Chakulia Nagar Panchayat President Wins – Sandhya Rani Sardar, BJP, 4058 votes Liberated – Monday, Soren, Congress, 2093 votes Winning distance: 1965 Designation: Vice President- Sumit Kumar Lodha, BJP, 3550 votes Hare-Hari instrument Malik, JMM, 2155 votes Winning distance: 1395

4:35 PM IST- Saraykela Nagar Panchayat– President Meenakshi Devi, BJP, 3247 votes Hari-Arunima Singhdev, Independent, 2965 Votes The difference of victory: 282 votes Designation: Vice President Live – Manoj Kumar Chaudhary, JMM, 2129 votes Hare – Siddhartha Shankar Singhdev, BJP, 1982 votes The difference of victory: 147 votes

4:30 PM IST- Chaibasa Nagar Parishad Post: President – Mithilesh Kumar Thakur, JMM, 7519 votes Hare-Anup Kumar Sultaniya, BJP, 4512 votes Winning distance: 3007—Vice President– Doma Minj, JMM, 2955 votes Hare-Sunith Sharma, Congress, 1660 votes Victory margin: 1295

4:00 PM IST- Vice President post BJP: 07 Congress: 03 JMM 01 JVM: 01 Independence: 01

3:35 PM IST- Presidential post BJP: 08 JMM 02 JVM: 01 Congress: 01 Independent: 01

3:00 PM IST- BJP wins 10 out of 14 municipal council seats, and 10 out of 14 Nagar Panchayat seats.

2:15 PM IST-  BJP’s Sanjeev Vijayavarfiya is leading by over 26,000 votes on Deputy Mayor post after 6 rounds of counting.

2:05 PM IST-  BJP’s Asha Lakra wins Mayor post, defeating JMM’s Varsha Garhi by 39,000 votes after nine rounds of counting.

1:55 PM IST- BJP’s Vinod Srivastava has won Mayor post in Adityapur Municipal Corporation.

1:45 PM IST- Lohardagga: Congress bags both chairperson and deputy chairperson posts.

1:35 PM IST-  Congress has now giving tough competition for the Deputy Mayor post. JMM is second on Ranchi Mayor post.

1:30 PM IST- Ranchi Nagar Nigam Election 2018 Results Live: Winners

Ward 16 – Nazma Raza
Ward 20 – Sunil Yadav
Ward 24 – Vijayalakshmi Soni
Ward 35 – Jhali Linda

1:15 PM IST-  After the fourth round of counting, BJP is now leading on both Mayor and Deputy Mayor post in Ranchi Municipal Corporation. Meanwhile, Congress is second on Deputy Mayor post and has surpassed JMM.

Poonam Dhillon

Actress Poonam Dhillon at a roadshow in support BJP candidate Aruna Shankar, who is contesting for the post of Mayor, in Daltonganj on Saturday

List of winners so far for Mayor/ Chairperson posts

BJP: 16 Congress: 6 JMM: 4 AJSU: 1 JVM: 1 RJD: 2 Others: 2

List of winners so far for Deputy mayor/ Deputy chairperson posts

BJP: 12 Congress: 4 JMM: 4 AJSU: 4 JVM: 3 RJD: 3 Others: 3

12:45 PM IST- Congress candidate Pushpa Kulu beats BJP’s Phool Sundari by 1000 votes

12:10 PM IST- Jharkhand Mukti Morcha’s Varsha Garhi leads race to become Ranchi mayor against BJP’s Asha Lakra.

12:00 PM IST- 

Mihijam Nagar Parishad Chairman PostBJP’s Kamal Gupta
Mihijam Nagar Parishad Deputy Chairman Post – Congress’s Shanti Devi
Jamtara Nagar Panchayat Chairman Post – BJP’s Rani Devi
Jamtara Nagar Panchayat Deputy Chairman post – BJP’s Chandi Charan
Simdega Chairman post – Congress’s Pushpa Kullu
Godda Chairman Post – Independent Guddu Mandal
Godda Deputy Chairman’s Post – JVM’s Benu Devi
Pakur Chairman Post – BJP’s Sampa Saha
Pakur Deputy Chairman post – BJP’s Sunil Sinha
Chatra Chairman Post – BJP’s Gunja Devi
Chatra Deputy Chairman Post – JVM’s Sudesh Kumar
Dhanbad Chirkunda Nagar Parishad Chairman Post – BJP’s Dablu Bauri
Koderma Domchanch Nagar Panchayat Chairman Post – AJSU’s Rajkumar Mehta
Garhwa Untari Nagar Panchayat Chairman Post – BJP’s Vijayalakshmi
Latehar Nagar Panchayat Chairman Post – BJP’s Sitamani Devi
Ghatshila Nagar Panchayat Chairman Post – BJP’s Sandhya Rani
Saraikela Nagar Panchayat Deputy Chairman Post – JMM’s Manoj Chaudhary

11:45 AM IST- In Chaibasa Nagar Parishad, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha’s candidates Mithilesh Kumar Thakur and Doma Minj win president and vice president post respectively.

11:30 AM IST- In Dhanbad’s Chirkunda Nagar Parishad, while the BJP has won the chairman’s post, Congress supporters are demanding to recount of votes.

11:25 PM IST-

  • Civic Body



    Vice President


    Mihijam Nagar Parishad

    Kamal Gupta


    Shanti Devi


    Jamtara Nagar Panchayat

    Rani Devi


    Chandi Charan


    Godda Nagar Panchayat

    Guddu Mandal


    Benu Devi


    Pakur Nagar Panchayat

    Sampa Saha


    Sunil Sinha


    Chatra Nagar Parishad

    Gunja Devi


    Sudesh Kumar


11:00 PM IST-  In Mihijam Nagar Parishad, BJP’s Kamal Gupta and Congress candidate Shanti Devi win president and vice president post respectively.

10:30 AM IST-  Independent candidate Jitendra Mandal wins president post in Godda Nagar Parishad. Congress candidate is leading on vice president post in Dumka Nagar Panchayat. In Simdega Nagar Parishad, Congress candidate Pushpa Kullu wins president post.

10:00 AM IST-  Independent candidate Jitendra Mandal wins president post in Godda Nagar Parishad.  In Chatra Nagar Parishad, BJP candidate Gunja Devi wins president post.

9:40 AM IST- BJP candidate Sitamani Devi win president post in Latehar Nagar Parishad. Independent candidate Naveen Kumar bags vice president post. In Godda Nagar Parishad, JVM candidate Benu Devi win vice president post.


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