Project Papa movie review: Battle of family remembrance

Project Papa movie review: Battle of family remembrance

Some films have good moral intentions as far as the concept is concerned and such is the case with this indie but really execution is very poor. In such a realistic set up, it starts to look Indian soap opera fake and over the top which is the single biggest drawback of the film. Director wanted to capture the realism and perhaps wanted no actor to actually act but the actors were not as good that they transform enough to become the characters which is when film starts to drop.

It is shot in a very documentary style of film making with steady cam and abrupt cuts but has been tried upon to be edited like a poetry which simply confuses the viewer. It is not so much as the rhythm of the film but acing which is an issue because it is the first and foremost responsibility of a film maker to engage the audience. One should not expect the audience to pay the ticket price and then mediate in the movie theater over the film to understand it’s genius because it is too nuanced to even be displayed properly in public exhibition.

Alzheimer is a disease that has destroyed individual lives and families all around the globe and a daughter is trying to save her father from it despite of the fact that she knows she will fail. There is really no cure to this problem and ones it attacks, it might never really go away from the lives but the life itself. Most of the times, patients don’t even remember the names of their own family members or even day today activities which makes it impossible to survive without help. Daughter in the film is struggling between practicality of life and wanting to stay with her father. Overall this film is a generous effort but could have been a whole lot better.

Project Papa movie review

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