Truth or Dare movie review: Bunch of gross out scenes put together

Truth or Dare movie review: Bunch of gross out scenes put together

B grade Hollywood cinema is here to slay with a new movie that has a name as lame as ‘Truth or Dare’. Throughout the movie this is spoken as a dialogue for a million times for some reason and it’s just bad. Since the makers were at it they should have made sure that this film gets to be even more bad because then it would have been a really good bad movie. As of yet it is just a really bad, bad movie and that does not help in being a classic.

This film has a bunch of troubled youth partying together and playing the game of truth or dare where some ghostly activities start to happen with them and they realize that the director has decided to be on a mission where he is cinematically trying to make sure of many gross out deaths in a movie as possible. Makers took it upon himself to explore the possibilities of freak deaths in a movie which in the screenplay would not amount to come as far as narrative is concerned.

Some people need to realize that thrill on the screen comes from the investment in story of an audience member and how much he/she cares about what’s happening on screen instead of fast cut editing that fails to impress after it is done twice. People are twisting different part of their bodies and dying in a jiffy one after the other. Some characters were not even established enough in the film to be cared about but their death is shown so significantly like they are tyler durden. Screenplay of this film is far from being on paper and instead was just caught on camera in the form of action and that’s not a good sign. Overall no one should be watching this.

Truth or Dare movie review

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