Velaikkaran movie review: Sivakarthikeyan deals with an important social issue in a human drama

Velaikkaran movie review: Sivakarthikeyan deals with an important social issue in a human drama

Velaikkaran is a Telugu social thriller starring Sivakarthikeyan in the lead role. Velaikkaran picks an important social topic which is food adulteration in the manufacturing factories. Sivakarthikeyan plays a poor youth from the slums who gets the job as a worker in one of the food manufacturing factories and raises a revolution when he gets notified the extent of corruption taking place in there. The theme of the film is socially relevant today as India is also diverting towards packaged food like western development. Plot of the film is based upon the events as they happen in any manufacturing unit except there is a revolutionary lying under the character played by Sivakarthikeyan. Despite of the fact that film deals with a hardcore topic, it is packaged with all the elements of a commercial masala film. It has heavy impactful monologues delivered by Sivakarthikeyan who indulges a huge amount of people into his campaign by simply encouraging them in a loud voice.

Siva’s performance is quite believable as he is able to convince the audience that he is a part of that troubled slum people who pay a heavy price for living pathetic lives. Nayanthara’s character is quite unlike anything she has done before as she got one song less than she usually gets in her films. Faahad Faasil provided a good support to the narrative by being side by side with Siva. Mohan Raja’s direction is amped up as he just wants to tear the screen apart with some of the scenes and this chaos has worked for him so far.

Music composed by Anirudh Ravichander supports the narrative completely and also acts as a background score for most of the scenes. Since there are many scenes in the film which are designed to create a havoc with in the mind of audience, a heavy background score helps in that territory. Sivakarthikeyan has made a film about which he can brag for a long time as this is a definite superhit. Overall Velaikkaran is a good one time watch.

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