Hello movie review: Akhil Akkineni establishes himself as the action star in this romantic thriller

Hello movie review: Akhil Akkineni establishes himself as the action star in this romantic thriller

Hello is a Telugu Romantic/Thriller starring Akhil Akkineni in the lead. Hello is a heist action film in which a hero for the billionth time runs around beating up the villain trying to save his girl. As a plot structure Hello is as routine as it gets even for a Telugu film but it is decorated with a budget that provides big song sets and okayish action sequences. Hello is a blind mix of a story which is partly set in heartland with the lead character very urban who inturn does the very regular Telugu hero stuff. One of the better things about this film is it’s pace and ability to atleast hold the audience. In their defense, it must be more difficult to make a good film out of a bad story than it is with a good one.

Makers of Hello must have went through the dvd of each and every action film ever made to figure from which angle the punch has not been landed on the bad guys yet. Maybe they missed a few dvds as the action of the film (USP) about as common and foreseen as it gets. With the blessings of papa Nagarjuna who very graciously produced his son’s film did not know the fact that it will take more than one film to launch this star kid. This film is a bus full of star kids as the daughter of prolific film-maker Priyadarshan, Kalyani Priyadarshan is entering the game with this one. In terms of pure performance Akhil has got a few commercial tricks up his sleeve and uses it to is advantage whenever the scene starts to fall flat. Kalyani seems to be shaking in front of the movie camera as half the time she was just hesitating to act if she could at all.

Vikram Kumar’s direction is quite on point with the film of such mediocre standard and the rest of the technicians to what they have to wit the provided instruments. Music of the film is notable as it strictly matches the beats of 2017. Overall Hello is a launch pad of star kids though it is Akhil’s second film as he establishes himself as the action star like the rest of his extended super-star family. Not great but Hello is not a bad watch for the weekend.

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