The episode begins with the task, as Aakash tries to throw Luv’s egg in the pool, but he is unable to as everyone saves it from him. Then, Shilpa’s egg comes forth, and everyone saves it too, thus making her a contender for the Captaincy task on Friday. The next day, while talking, Vikas tells Priyank that the most unfaithful contestant on the show is Luv, as he’s always changing his friends and teams according to the power play, and that it’s his attitude that’s wrong. Then, after a while, Hina teases Priyank that he should just go and be with Vikas, as they’re both best friends, now that Hiten has gone away.

Soon, a fight erupts between Vikas and Hina, when she teases him about the good clothes he’s wearing. Priyank tries to defend Vikas, and ends up fighting with Hina too.

Vikas then begins crying, telling everyone that Hina always says that he’s ugly. Everyone supports Vikas, like Arshi, but Aakash thinks that Vikas is creating drama because he lost yesterday.

Then, it’s time to decide who is going in the Kal Kothari, and Aakash agrees that he is definitely going to go with Vikas. He seems very naughty about it. Hina and Vikas fight alot when he suggests that she should be sent to Kal Kothari too, but no one agrees with him.

Finally, Arshi joins Vikas and Aakash in jail, where Aakash begins to annoy Vikas precisely when they reach it.

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