Veere Ki Wedding movie review: Trite and dumb

Veere Ki Wedding movie review: Trite and dumb
Written by Abhishek Rana

Veere Ki Wedding, not to be confused by Veere di wedding starring Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, is a trite and dumb movie with very little entertainment value and lots of rubbish. The movie stars  Pulkit Samrat, Kriti Kharbanda, Jimmy Shergill and directed by Ashu Trikha among others and is about a couple who want to get married with each other but can’t because their families don’t agree with their unions, as the man’s brother is a gunda. The movie is noisy and often badly directed, with not much nuance or character development. It doesn’t have the kind of pop and oomph that is needed to elevate this kind of trifle, and mired with over long length and ridiculous dialogues.

Visually, the movie looks quite cheap and is often lighted badly, with the director obviously making sure the characters give broad performances to keep the viewers engaged. Pulkit Samrat is a very good actor with a potential for better things, but here he is on auto-poilet, doing his usual shtick.

Jimmy Shergill also needs a change of pace. He is good, but he has already played this character so many times that it is now getting repetitive. There’s really no need for the movie, and its clear that it was made without much artisitic intervention or knowledge. It is the kind of movie which usually got released in the first half of century and went off the screens without anyone noticing.

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