Pari: Not a Fairytale movie review: Anushka Sharma is more terrible than horrifying

Pari: Not a Fairytale movie review: Anushka Sharma is more terrible than horrifying
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Pari is Anushka Sharma’s first attempt at a horror film and all they lack is creativity. Pari is rare for Hindi cinema because makers here don’t pour out pure horror films without either mixing it with comedy or a romantic track with agonist songs. Anushka Sharma has produced the film under her production house clean slate films. It is her third production venture as she began with NH10, which was successful critically and commercially but post that she produced Phillauri and actually played a nice little gentle ghost in the film. Phillauri was a disaster over all but Pari might not meet the same fate.

Anushka plays a far more real ghost in this one than Phillauri but her acting talent is so limited that she can’t play an undermine performance to match the tone of the film. Script of the film is quite nuanced and such is the narrative with detailing but Anushka can not take the Hindi film actress out of her and started to make faces with that make up on. Her make up was done wit certain techniques that she does not have to play the ghost instead she became one but only if she knew how to act.

There are far more competitive actors than her in the film like Rajat Kapoor and Parambrata Chattopadhyay, who did a wonderful job by keeping up with the tonality of narrative and giving spine chilling performances. Special mention should go towards the haunting cinematography of the film with fine color correction in the edit which makes one a part of the geographical nature of the film or as they put it by calling world of Pari. Most of the shots taken in the film are very well crafted and give an impression of good storytelling. Overall Pari is a good one time watch if one can ignore Anushka.

Pari: Not a Fairytale movie review

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