Khaleefa movie review: A painful but hopeful story

Khaleefa movie review: A painful but hopeful story
Written by Abhishek Rana

Khaleefa, directed by Mubihaque Veliyancode and starring Aneesh G Menon, Nedmundi Venu and Tini Tom can be described as a socially conscious movie, that is more concerned at telling its story so that it reaches the audience in a way that shows them the truth of the society that they live in, rather than just entertaining them. That’s not to say that its boring or too self serious, its just that it is going to be admired by some people while others might reject it. Still, the story of people in minorities and their struggles to live a dignified life is really well performed by the actors.

Director Mubihaque hews closely to realism even though he doesn’t have lot of control over the plot which does look patched together and has some issues. But, what makes the movie work are the actors, who do what they’re supposed to do, which is give life to characters that are very much like us and also behave in a way that looks and feels real, unlike other movies.

Khaleefa is not an easy movie to watch, as it does have some moments that are too truthful and filled with pain. But, there’s also a little bit of hope that saves it from being too nihilistic. It is important to understand that however difficult it is, life is still worth living. The mmoive might not be hit, but it’ll affect many.

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