Holi 2018: Spacial Holi of Vrindavan and Banaras Brings a Big Change in Society

Holi 2018: Spacial Holi of Vrindavan and Banaras Brings a Big Change in Society
Written by Shilpi Gupta

This year in Vrindavan and Varanasi, a new initiative has taken place on special Festival, Holi. The elderly widows living in a white sari, celebrated Holi this time and live a colorful life. This initiative has been made accessible by the Sulabh International. The important thing is that, under the Sulabh International, some old widows will go to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi today. In the year 2018 Holi has brought a big change in the society. Sulabh International has painted the lives of the elderly widows living in a simple life in the shelters of Vrindavan and Varanasi. Here, Abir-Gulal and Rang Baras on widows.

There are many widows living in Vrindavan as they leave their home and came here from far-flung areas of the country. The conservative beliefs of these widows where they come from compel them to leave all kinds of pleasures. The way they live in Vrindavan City, their personal existence ends. Their identity becomes their widow in Vrindavan instead of their name. 

The special thing is that the first time the widows played Holi inside a temple. During this, the happiness was visible on their faces. The program was organized in Gopi Nath Mandir, where they celebrated their Holi with flowers and gulals. During Holi, they enjoy Holi with flowers, Gulal and Abir on Kanha and dance on Holi songs. Not only this, a delegation of widows of Vrindavan and Banaras will reach the Prime Minister’s residence in Delhi today. This delegation of women will be meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi under the leadership of Sulabh International and will present them with color greetings and congratulations of Holi. The widows say that their move is to bring a major change in society.

Overall Holi is a non-forgetting experience that sets up a new tradition in Brij Bhoomi. Instead of the tradition of Banaras with cannabis or bhang, there are flowers and dry colors in this Holi.

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