Pari movie: Anushka Sharma releases new song, So Ja So Ja

Pari movie: Anushka Sharma releases new song, So Ja So Ja
Written by Abhishek Rana

Anushka Sharma’s Pari has been polarizing the critics and audiences alike, as they either like the movie or hate it. But Anushka should be applauded for choosing uncoventional projects that help her grow as an actress. Now, Anushka has released another song from the movie, titled So Ja So Ja, and it is as haunting and seemingly innocent as the character she plays in the story. Prosit Roy’s direction is so assured that the song is beautiful in its’ simplicity and could be enjoyed for its visuals as well. So Ja So Ja is sung by Rekha Bhardway and the lyrics are by Anvita Dutt.

Anushka has certainly become an A lister in the Bollywood, especially for someone who had no connections to the industry and made her name in Bollywood based on her talent and versatility. Pari had many scenes in  which she had blood on her face, or had to do uncomfortable scenes, but there isn’t a hint of vanity in her performances, which ranks among her best.

It is a matter of time when she finally produces a movie that will be a breakthrough with the audiences and critics alike, something like NH10, but for now, it is wonderful to see her actually produce and create roles for herself that are different from anything else in the industry.

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