Padman declared tax-free by Rajasthan Government

Padman declared tax-free by Rajasthan Government
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Akshay Kumar starrer Padman has mostly fulfilled it’s purpose which was to start a conversation about sanitary pads and it’s uses in a country which still considers it a taboo and the film has played it’s part to the extent it could. Film has garnered more than 70 crores on the box office which is not a great number considering Akshay’s film average 120 crores mostly but this one is alternate content film and could not gather family audience together in a movie theater because the people who can’t even talk about it at home won’t be able to watch it happen visually sitting with each other.

Akshay Kumar has done some scenes in the film that no superstar would have even dared to in the first place for which he deserves all the credit in the world now since the film is appreciated quite a lot government of Rajasthan decided to make the film tax free, which means that there is a certain tax government takes per ticket from the exhibitors and the tax varies from state to state. Since the government won’t be taking any tax from the movie, ticket rates would go down and more people will come to consume this cinema.

Government only cancels tax on a film when they deem it necessary in accordance to the social relevance of the film and if it is benefiting the society by either speaking about a topic which is necessary for people to be aware of like education or maybe telling the story of some important political leader of this country about whom government thinks that people should be aware. Making a film tax free is a government’s seal of stamp about a film being socially and culturally important for people to consume. Chances are that other states will also do the same though they have not as of yet.

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