Varun Tej starrer Tholi Prema breaking the box office overseas

Varun Tej starrer Tholi Prema breaking the box office overseas
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Varun Tej has just released the most acclaimed film of his career, which might turn out to be the most successful as well. Tholi Prema has been expected by the audience worldwide in all it’s glory and the film is racing towards $1 million mark in USA. As of now it has done $822,773 [5.29 crores] in America but it will somehow reach to the million dollar mark in upcoming days considering the fact that the word of mouth around this film is overwhelming and despite of having no superstar, collections are going really well.

As of yet film has done the business of more than 35 crores worldwide and chances are that it will end up doing 50 in it’s entire lifetime run. New films are coming every week and some of them are exciting which would make it a little difficult for this film to extend it’s theatrical run over a long period of time but it has already earned enough to be a profitable venture for the makers. It has also revived a genre which goes by the name of pure intense love story which was almost gone from the narrative landscapes as people found it very melodramatic.

This film has proven  that if a story is being told in a convincing manner it will break the barriers of language and which is why the film is running so well in America though that country has nothing to do with Telugu language whatsoever. Film has been appreciated in the Tamil market as well because Varun Tej has some kind of audience base there which must have grown exponentially after the release of this film as his performance in particular is widely appreciated by a large number of people and it would effect his stardom in a majorly positive way. Tholi Prema is still out in the theaters and should be for at least one more week.

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