Kamal Haasan goes to meet Rajinikanth at his residence

Kamal Haasan goes to meet Rajinikanth at his residence
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Both the superstars have spent a lifetime of being compared in terms of who is the biggest Tamil actor of all time and the answer to that question might finally arrive to people when they will actually have to vote for either one of them instead of counting film tickets that have been sold on their names. After spending decades in the films together both of them announced their individual political intentions of becoming a Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu just days far apart from each other. While Kamal has a lot of fan following, it might not stand up to the cult of Rajini and now both of them are actually competing.

Kamal has been quite vocal about him becoming a politician while Rajini announced recently that he will be contesting 2021 CM elections. Speculations started going around the air that both of them might join hands from one party but Kamal recently opened up to the topic and said he will not be joining hands with him if his color is Saffron, which denotes that if Rajini joins Bharatiya Janata Party than he will not have Kamal’s support.

Recently Kamal went to meet Rajini at his residence and the cause for that is politics certainly though it is not clear for what specific reason did he arrive there. It would be a tricky spot if both of them join hands in one party because they both want to be the Chief Minister and it will be difficult to work that out. Both of them 2 individual films each coming in next two years and it could be the last leg of their film career because being a politician that kind of time could not be given to films. Rajini has his Kaala on release on 27 April while Kamal will be arriving with Vishwaroopam 2 later.

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