Midnight Sun movie review: Not ‘Fault in our Stars’ but fine

Midnight Sun movie review: Not ‘Fault in our Stars’ but fine
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

‘Midnight Sun’ as a title is very poetic and works for the theme of the film in a rather metaphorical way. It is just designed to be a real tearjerker about romance by the Japanese in 2006 and Hollywood adapted it to it’s own sensibilities. American youth is not seemingly as melo-dramatic anymore but they are also humans who are just hiding the drama under all that comfort. Asians are said to be incredibly dramatic which is why this film worked a whole lot in Japan and should in states as well.

Story is about the girl who wants to be a musician but is diagnosed with xeroderma pigmentosum. This disease prevents her from being exposed to sunlight hence her life cycle completely alters as she sleeps in the day and goes out with her guitar in the night. During one of her night outings she counters a boy who comes up to her and says hi while she is rubbing the fingers on guitar strings. She struggles to say anything because the boy is too pretty for her imagination thought they start to meet again and eventually fall in love as their world sets apart.

Both of them are in too good to be true scenario until the boy figures out about the disease this girl has and realizes that they don’t have much time together left. Film is extremely centric on romance and both the actors have done a good job. Screenplay of the film is linear and simple but director managed to catch some beautiful moment which manage to build up the enthusiasm towards climax. There is really only one major plot point in the film which is the revealing of disease to boy and that too is perfectly known by the audience but still film managed to work. Overall this can be seen in cinemas this week.

Midnight Sun movie review

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