A Quiet Place movie review: It is truly horrifying

A Quiet Place movie review: It is truly horrifying
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Emily Blunt and her real life spouse John Krasinski show up in a indie horror film that could be very well defined as experimental at best. Horror is an emotion that must truly appeal to the audience because no one came in the cinema to fake being scared but Krasinski is looking to more than scared, he wants to damage the soul. Krasinski wants to imprint the feeling of super natural really bad in the mind of audience instead of providing them popcorn thrill of ghost which they do in the Conjuring universe.

Creatures that are haunting the family of four in this one find people through sound hence Krasinski got to play with sound in a whole new experimental way which is one of the most important elements of horror. Film makers of ten find themselves in tricky spots with Horror films because no one would like to walk out of the theater and say that they really got scared instead many audience members would build a wall that ghost don’t exist and hence the whole point becomes meaningless. Large number of people just like to walk out of the cinema and say that film had nothing in it so that they can mention of their gallantries with horror incidents.

Krasinski did not want people to jump up from their seats but adapt their own fear as real inside of their breaths which hardly seems moralistic but than what is. If people really let their own fears take them over than they are never really coming out of it which means they won’t be able to forget the film either. Story and screenplay of the film is nothing above average but direction is quite flawless which binds the audience to the screen. Overall this one should be seen on cinemas especially by horror junkies.

A Quiet Place movie review

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