Subedar Joginder Singh movie review: Gippy Grewal is astonishing in the film as the rest falls

Subedar Joginder Singh movie review: Gippy Grewal is astonishing in the film as the rest falls
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Punjabi cinema suddenly seems to be a little obsessed these days with epic war films as ‘Subedar Joginder Singh’ is coming right off the bat as ‘Sajjan Singh Rangroot’ made a tremendous response to the genre. Rangroot emerged as one of the biggest blockbusters in the history of Punjabi cinema and it is based upon the contribution of sikh regiment during first world war. Gippy Grewal will be introducing audience to his version of 1962 Indo-China war and how the Sikh regiment provided the country with their valor and sacrifice.

Gippy is playing an army officer who is textbookish patriotic and does not hold back from giving his own life for the country if the need arises. He leads an army to the front during the war and does immensely big speeches right in the middle of that. Film basically has nothing new to offer but that same old feeling being generated by JP Dutta since ‘Border’ in 1998. It is the most simplest storyline ever as the soldier bids his family goodbye to go to war front while they want to stop him but for him the country stands first beyond anything.

As he goes to the war film offers nothing but a caricature story of war which has been seen a million times before but makers still did not shy away from it. Gippy is delivering the performance which is exactly same as Sunny Deol from ‘Border’ and ripping every war film off to the core. In a long list of cliches, songs during war should be added which can not be considered cool anymore as far as cinematic representation of a horrifying incident is concerned. Same problem was encountered with ‘Rangroot’ but since both these films will be making a lot of bank on the box office nothing is going to change. Overall this should be avoided at cinemas.

Subedar Joginder Singh movie review

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