Kuttanadan Marpappan movie review: Not every picture is worth a thousand words

Kuttanadan Marpappan movie review: Not every picture is worth a thousand words
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Kuttanadan Marpappan is a light hearted comedic attempt with wholesome genre trying to provide entertainment to all kings of people but failing to do so miserably. The intention of this film has nothing to do with art of storytelling but simply investing some money in a project and cashing in on the fact that people in India might just watch anything in the name of cinema especially in Southern part of the country. This film takes Malayalam film industry about 20 years back when it did not really exist and would not even know if films like this had continued to be made.

Malayalam is one of the most progressive content driven cinema in the world right now as they have stopped caring about the stardom and more about the art and craft of storytelling. Having said that, there are still a few oldies trying to drag down the standard of films to their own miniature understanding of what cinema stands for which is nothing more than going to a night club. In the digital age people are consuming all kinds of international content which is leaps and bounds head of films like these.

To criticize the story of this film would be more like re-writing the entire script because this whole thing is a one big mistake committed by a bunch of people willingly. next step in the concept of mistake is to hide it but they are actually releasing this film which would go under the devastating category of flaunting it. The status of dumb entertainment has also gone for some kind of standard with late night talk shows in which host has to carry the show for half an hour and blabber his way out of it. Overall this film should have been deleted upon edit but can be still avoided.

Kuttanadan Marpappan movie review

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