Jigsaw movie review: An ineffective horror thriller

Jigsaw movie review: An ineffective horror thriller
Written by Abhishek Rana

Jigsaw, directed by The Spierig brothers is a horror movie, which is ineffective because it takes the concept of the Saw series, and then doesn’t do much innovative with it. There are some nice touches, but it fails to live up to its own sadistic reputation. The movie stars, Matt Passmore, Callum Keith, Cle Bennett among others. The story takes place after the 10 years and concerns a killer who has the same M.O like the Jigsaw murderer. There are a lot of dimply lit scenes in which the victims cry for help but are murdered anyway, in graphic manner for the sake of the blood thirsty audiences. But none of this is very compelling and seems just tacked on, rather than coming naturally from the story.

There are some scenes in which the horror of being trapped by a killer makes for a shocking realization and there is surprising power in that, but as the movie moves on, it loses the plot and the atmospherics, and chooses frantic blood bath and grinding background music.

The cast is able to give what performances they can, but most are treated as being expendable meat for the grisly deaths. The movie isn’t even entertaining, which makes it even more worse than it already is. Skip it and watch the first one in the franchise that did its job perfectly, that is, scaring people to death.

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