Yung Mung Sung movie review: Prabhudeva is in for some kicks

Yung Mung Sung movie review: Prabhudeva is in for some kicks
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Films which are based on any sort of martial arts or Kung Fu get caricaturist in their narrative style owing the theme to Hong Kong films which initially started the tradition. It basically starts with an underdog who obviously can’t perform martial arts and then meets a coach who teaches him everything but in the final fight let him do the main job so he emerges as the winner but all credit to the coach as well. This one film is not much different from the others who would compete in the same genre though it finely Indianized.

Chutnification of foreign concepts in Indian films have not proven to be the most fatal at all times but may not have worked as well at times for instance Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ failed miserably on the box office because it was trying to adapt both the cultures but could not impact clearly any single one of them. Indian emotions of the film mixing with martial arts is a death by wish because action in Indian films is louder than life while martial arts is extremely subtle.

To showcase martial arts one needs to amplify discipline and focus which might get boring for someone who does not have a personal experience with it. People in China and Hing Kong practice martial arts a lot more than India hence they can go to the roots of scene being displayed up on screen but for Indian audience one would need to make it very obvious. 7 am Arivu directed by Murugadoss starring Suriya did not fair well at the box office because it was too subtle while someone would need to give this culture in the face of Indian audience so that future generation can adapt with it well. Overall this film can be missed in cinemas.

Yung Mung Sung movie review

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