Kirrak Party movie review: A joyful celebration of friendship

Kirrak Party movie review: A joyful celebration of friendship

Kirrak Party, directed by Sharan Koppisetty, and starring Nikhil Siddharth, Simran Pareenja and Samyukhta Hegde among others is a joyful celebration of friendship and college days. It is the remake of Kannda film, Kirik Party, and is as good as the original. It is beautifully shot, with amazing cinematography, colours throbbing onto the screen and varied dance numbers. The actors are really good, and play their parts effortlessly. The main contention about every movie that is based on a college is that the leads never seem young enough in the first place, and there is the same kind of complain against Kirrak Party, where all the leads look like passouts.

But, they work in fooling the audiences because they’re good actors, and Sharan is a capable director. Again, the movie is quite overblown in many ways, with strange fight scenes that have no place in a college, and dance numbers that are one too many. But, the good thing is that the movie isn’t overlong, so the audiences won’t be bored from  looking at the movie.

It can be said that the movie could have been better, but it is still good in what it goes on to achieve, that is good old entertainment that is harmless and will give you a smile as you walk out of the theater. The music of the movie is also something that people are going to remember, since it is sweet, peepy and energetic.


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