Kee movie review: A hard hitting Pyscho thriller

Kee movie review: A hard hitting Pyscho thriller

Kee, directed by Kalees, and starring Jiiva, Nikki Galrani, Ananika Soti and Govind Padmasoorya is a psychological horror movie that will appeal to many viwers who are looking for a thrill ride that isn’t predictable or overtly cliched. Granted, Kee also deals in cliches that have been seen in superior thrillers, but it does so in a way that makes the twist and turns in the plot effective, even though the audience members will be able to see them coming. Director Kalees is very efficient in his handling of the plot, juggling plot and the multiple characters with ease, although he does go overboard with some of the usual tricks of horror genre, with frames that look ugly, rather than being upsetting.

The strength of the movie, though, comes from its actors, who are as convincing as one can be in some of the most operatic and shocking scenarios that could prove senseless and irritating in the hands of less effective performers. The movie also makes good use of closeups, and some of the shots of Govind, who plays the villain with full conviction, are really scary.

Jivva, who will also be seen in Kalakalappu proves again how versatile he is as an actor. He is perfect for the role, and most of all, he is believable, which is the most important thing in a movie that routinely stretches the rules of reality. The movie is also worth watchinf for Ananika Soti’s screen presence and emotional intensity, and Govind Padmasoorya’s terrifying act.

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