Gayatri movie review: An entertaining mess

Gayatri movie review: An entertaining mess
Written by Abhishek Rana

Gayatri, directed by R. R Madan, and starring Shriya Saran, Vishnu Manchu, Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam, is an entertaining movie, although its also kind of a mess because of overblown, melodramatic excess and incoherent action scenes. There are some scenes where the acting is awful and the dialogue is unforgivable, but also where the actors, especially Shriya, rise above the material they’re given and give an incidiary performance. And even though she isn’t the lead of the movie, Shriya is the reason to watch this movie. She is perfectly cast as Sarada, a woman who is bound with her relation to a violent, revenge hungry man, but who doesn’t lose her dignity all through out the time limit of the movie.

Shriya is graceful and expressive, her eyes brimming with emotions and fury that she can’t put into words, and its her presence that grounds the movie and makes it more than a watching exprience. But some of the dialogues that is given to the male actors, like you’re my brother from an0ther mother is so badly delivered, people would be shocked that how actors of such stature could give such a bad performance.

Still, the movie is powerful, and its look at politics, revenge and violence is serious, so it doesn’t treat it with comedic flourishes. Another good point for the movie is that every character does look distinctive and never comes off as cliched, which is the best compliment for a melodrama like this.


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