Padman box office collection: Akshay Kumar races towards 80 crores

Padman box office collection: Akshay Kumar races towards 80 crores
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Akshay Kumar starrer has collected some decent coin in it’s second week, as it banked 2.10 crores on Friday which is not great considering an Akshay film which has got good reviews overall. In past 3 years most of his films went on to do a lot more than 100 crores and were declared superhits in consideration to their humble budget but a theme like periods is still a taboo in this country which is why Akshay even made the film but it did become inversely proportional to him as the collections of the film are nowhere near 100 crores and might never reach that landmark.

As a matter of fact every film does not have to be the biggest blockbuster as long as it is making the budget back and has resulted into a profitable venture for the makers so that they can go ahead and make one more. Padman was made and released on the budget of somewhere around 25 crores which the film recovered during the first weekend and from that point on it is just the profit train coming to the makers in the form of money and gratitude as well in Padman’s case.

Everytime a superstar digs into something risky, it is good for a whole lot of people because now they can follow the example and dwell into creative sea a lot deeper. On week 2 Saturday film banked 3.15 crores which was a good jump from the Friday and Sunday will be a little more than that. As of yet film has garnered 68.12 crores in India which makes Padman a hit and it would be declared a superhit when final overseas collection will be added into the bank of the film. This venture was quite successful for Akshay as he gathered a lot of acclaim for his subtle performance while the film did good box office.

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