Irumbuthirai Movie Pre-Review: Tamil’s action-techno thriller drama

Irumbuthirai Movie Pre-Review: Tamil’s action-techno thriller drama

Irumbuthirai is Tamil’s action technology thriller drama which is directed by P.S. Mitharan. It is amazing drama which revolves around techno-action thriller. It nailed the storyline as well as the Tamil action. Irumbuthirai in English stands as the iron curtain. Irumnuthirai helmed interesting sequences and drama throughout the movie. It stars Vishal, Samantha Akkineni and Arjun in the lead roles. The performances of the stars such as Vishal and Samantha made it exciting and entertaining. Irumbuthirai movie is entertaining as well as thrilling at the same time. As we all know that the storyline is the soul of every movie, so the director gave his best to add the best soul to the movie.

Irumbuthirai Movie Review: It is another Tamil tale comprised of action, thriller and drama. But this time amazing technological drama has been added to the movie. It is the technology-based action thriller drama. It revolves around Vishal and Arjun life, the actor Vishal looks unexpectedly good in his rough and tough look. It revolves around some serious circumstances of life. The story Irubuthirai movie throws light on today’s time where technology uses for conducting some heinous crimes.

Every scene of the movie depicts the thrilling drama accurately.  The action scenes will surely make the audiences go crazy. The songs are another add up to the movie to make it more entertaining. Samantha looks pretty and alluring in Indian attire with some crispy acting. Her performance will again make audiences to fall for her. Irumbuthirai talks about the technology with action in the best way. Overall, it is looks like interesting and entertaining technological action thriller drama.

Irumbuthirai Movie Review
  • Irumbuthirai Movie Review

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