Mannar vagaiyara movie review: A compelling watch

Mannar vagaiyara movie review: A compelling watch

Mannar Vagaiyara is directed by Boopathi Pandian and starring Vermal, Anandhi and Prabhu is a dramatic movie that is visually striking and has very good performances from its main case. The director, Pandian, is a master of his craft and he makes the movie as energetic and beautiful, while making the story work on screen. There are a lot of directors who don’t know how to frame a scene, but Pandian is a pro and his compositions are clean and don’t ever distract from the meat of the story. The music of the movie is very energetic and is also something that is not very distracting. It works with the story and compliments it.

The actors are all very good, and they do their characters full justice. Vermal is great as the protagonist of the story. He makes the audience root for him, even though his character is not very originally writte. The thing about all good actors is that they taken even the weakest of roles and make them their own, and Vermal does the same. He plays his character as righteously and with compelling bravado.

The supporting cast is also good, and they all have their moments that make the movie even stronger. It is an example of the talent in the cast that even though the script dips into cliches many times, the characters are so well played that they still make you believe everything, however implausible it might be.

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