Abhimanyudu movie review: An exciting action thriller

Abhimanyudu movie review: An exciting action thriller

Abhimanyudu is an exciting action thriller directed by  P. S. Mithran and starring Vishal Krishna Reddy, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Arjun Sarja. The movie is like a techno thriller, with many action scenes that are very well directed and will take the breath away of the viewer. The pallet of the movie is a bit darker, and the lighting could have been better, but the shadows and dialogue make the most of the atmosphere of the story. The story also concerns hacking and the leak of information, how in the days of interconnections, the privacy of a person doesn’t hold power, as anyone can be hacked and their personal information story from them.

The technical aspects of the movie is very strong and the direction of P. S. Mithran is exceptional. The movie seems to have a modest budget but he makes the most of it very energetically. Acting is very good, as Vishak Krishna Reddy proves to be a very engaging and interesting lead. He could have become some boring and bland character, but Mithran plays his role so well that there is a genuine spark in the story whenever he is on screen. Its the ultimate leading man performance.

Samantha Ruth is equally good. She never lets her character become a cliche, and her charisma shines through, even as the movie uses some of the usual tropes in the thriller story lines that put her in  a difficult situation don’t reduce her to a damsel in distress. The supporting cast is also very good, although, they’re mostly foils of the main character to fight with a destroy. In some parts, the movie is very predictable, but it is very entertaining and would not take your time. It has a very good screenplay and great acting by the leads. A must watch.

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