Heartbeat movie review: Stop smoking, get the girl!!

Heartbeat movie review: Stop smoking, get the girl!!

Heartbeat is a film about a 25 year old software engineer who falls in love with a twelfth standard school girl bu the age difference is making the communication and understanding difficult between them. Both of them meet so accidentally in a park and girl then initiates the first spark of romance between. Concept of this film is incredibly sensitive but the treatment is half baked and attempts at comedy and drama both at the same time leave no flavor to be truly consumed by the spectator.

Character played by Dhruvva is not well defined at all and his software engineering part does not go with his daily routine where he effortlessly sits in the park for a long time and smokes cigarettes without a care in the world. His way of dressing and language does not compliment his profession at all and he rather looks like a rowdy with nothing to do as it happens in the Telugu films. His smoking habit is being taken very carefully in the film and it becomes overdosed y the end of it without no metaphorical backing to compliment the girl’s effort.

Since this is a school girl, she is unusually attractive to this man but a specific reason was never mentioned which contradicts her character as she is a very hard headed girl. Everytime she meets him, she asks him to stop smoking and this phenomena grows but he never does because he can’ let her grow on him, which affects the screenplay. Direction and screenplay of the film do not go hand in hand because screenplay wants it to be a coming of age romantic comedy while direction is taking t in a subtle direction of initial nurturing of romance in the girl and resurrection of romance in the man. Overall heartbeat is nothing more than a one time watch, if at all.

heartbeat movie review

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