Raju Kannada Medium Movie Review: Romantic and Comedic at some point

Raju Kannada Medium Movie Review: Romantic and Comedic at some point

Raju Kannada Medium movie is romantic comedy entertainer which is directed by Naresh Kumar. The Raju Kannada movie has some good twist of comedy but it is not so thrilling and enthraling. It is crispy romantic and comedic drama. It produced by KA Suresh under the banner of Suresh Arts production house. The Raju Kannada medium movie depicts astounding story in Kannada medium. And it stars Guru Nandan, Avantika Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Sadhu Kokila and Suchendra Prasad in the lead roles. The movie has promised plenty of romance along with comedy for the audiences. Earlier the Raju Kannada Medium the movie has got Raju Rangitaranga title because of the lead pair has garnered good response from the movie’s like 1st Rank Raju and RangiTaranga.

Raju Kannada Medium Movie Review: It’s started with comedic drama and then turns into a romantic tale. However, the movie has not comprised of any unique or good story. And the plot of revolves around a boy who has constantly trying to understand what is life. In the wake of this, Raju becomes highly ambitious after going out of his village to achieve dreams. The Raju Kannada Medium drama marks different challenges and struggles throughout the movie. The difficulties struggle shown in the movie depicts that path of Raju was very complicated. And the crux of the story lies how he deals with all of the struggles and achieves what he want to.

Raju Kannada Medium movie focused seamlessly on the comedy and romance. Also, the comedic drama of the movie will remains constant throughout the movie. It’s not so entertaining and enthraling at times but will bound audiences for some time with attractions of love and romance. Also, the music composed by Kiran Ravindranath adds some score to the movie. Overall, it is good for one time watch because it bears unnecessary romance and dramatic scenes.

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